Jason Maclean, Director of Media and Technology



I had the need for someone who could bring in a team and create a video for one of my clients. Within minutes of my online post I received a reply from Janis, and he was keen to meet that very afternoon for a chat about what I had in mind. I was quite happy that someone took such an initiative and he represented himself well and convinced me he could deliver what I was looking for.

It’s been years and we’ve had many projects together, and I wouldn’t change this arrangement. When managing a multi-faceted project I know I can give Yanis my requirements and let him roll with it. He’s independent and gets what I need done, but he’s also humble enough that if we need him to work under another person’s direction he goes to great lengths to make sure that person is happy and the final product is amazing.

I would recommend Janis to any team, since I know he’s technically capable, but moreover he also has the discipline and attitude to bring professionalism each and every day.

Able Wanamakok, TV Host, Producer



Hello, my name is Able Wanamakok and I am TV Host of Fashion One, TV Host of Thailand@Large and News Anchor of NBT Phuket.

As a content provider for Fashion One International Network in Thailand, I have hired Yanis Fremanis to be the head of production overseeing all the filming and editing of at least four of our video productions and I have been extremely happy with his work.

Besides the usual remarks of how professional he is and how easy it is to communicate with him, what characterize a professional is how they deal with pressure and when things aren’t going well. It hasn’t always been a walk in the park to get these productions to be released worldwide on Fashion One’s network because of their high expectations on both the quality of productions and content control of the actual videos.

Working with Fashion One’s team requires lots of communication with lots of different people and Yanis has always dealt with any issues in a professional and timely manner meaning he always got whatever we needed done on time.

I have been happy in working with him and would still continue to work with him shall future projects come up. I happily recommend Yanis for any film related projects that he pursues.

Selma Tamu, Producer



I can’t recommend Yanis as a cinematographer and DOP enough! He is extremely professional and reliable. He pays great attention to details, flexible and a great problem solver.  I’ve hired Yanis as a DOP for several projects that require different shooting styles and every time he exceeded our expectations.  Whether it’s corporate video, documentary, reality TV, Music video or feature, Yanis does it all beautifully and skillfully. Yanis has an artistic eye and creates beautiful HD shots. Quick, smart and patient; he is always willing to propose collaborative suggestions when asked.  Yanis’s moto is “Let’s go!” So driven, he brings such a wonderful positive energy to the set. 

Yanis is extremely talented and creative, his work is superior and I can foresee him achieving great success is the near future.


Yan Frame, cameraman and drone operator based in Thailand