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A Frayed Knot (2020) is a short film directed and filmed by me which has gained recognition at a number of international film festivals in Germany, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Russia and others. This cinematographic work was especially challenging, because I had to tell a story in just one minute, to which two or three hours could have been devoted otherwise. One minute filled with emotions, characters and story development. In my opinion, the ability to tell a full-blooded, exciting story in a concise and focused way is precisely what the future of cinema is.


Cinematographer  |  Director  |  Camera Operator  |  Drone Pilot


I’ve been involved in the film industry since 2010. During this time, I have shot both full-length feature films and short films in various parts of the world - in European countries, Thailand, the US, the UK and elsewhere. Given that my experience includes working in large teams as well as developing projects with only a few people, I’ve experienced a great variety of situations and challenges, for which I always found the right solution.

Travel & Lifestyle

In the tourism industry, video is an important way to promote destinations, which is why the structure, story and professional execution of the video clip can determine how attractive that particular destination will be. While filming hospitality videos in Spain, Portugal, Tunisia, Mauritius, Thailand and elsewhere, I made sure that the attractiveness and special atmosphere of each destination could be translated into cinematic language.


In the field of documentary cinema, the basis of my professional activity has been developed while filming stories about illegal fishing and human trafficking for the Discovery Channel. The series Ocean Warriors (on which I worked as a camera operator) was shot in 2016. It weaves stories of courage and conflict, from the Antarctic's remote Southern Ocean, to the coral reefs of Tanzania and the vast tuna fisheries of the Western Pacific


Wether it is your business, product or service - I always strive to understand the mission and show it in a pleasant, fun and professional way.

Cinematographer  |  Director  |  Camera Operator  |  Drone Pilot

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About Me

I`m a young, passionate and creative cinematographer. I have produced, directed and shot many projects on my own and also worked on numerous projects as Director of Photography or cameraman. My works include feature movies, documentary movies, TV shows, Music Videos, Corporate videos etc. I have written several music video scripts, a short movie script and other scripts for various projects like corporate videos and promo videos – all of these also produced and directed.

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